Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 Celebrations on 14th Feb 2010

3 celebrations?? what are those three celebrations I mentioned in the title??

1) Wan's birthday
2) Valentine's day
3) Chinese New Year

Hey!! first of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends who was celebrating it today especially to Joseph a.k.a "body builder". haha!! Hurm.. then Happy Valentine's day for those who celebrated it.. for me, I never celebrate the day as if for me its not our culture.. hurm?? huhu!! then the most important event for today is Wan's birthday.. we are not celebrate his birthday actually but then we just having our dinner which is eat satay.. really nice!! I like the texture of satay at Cafe Mak Long. for those who live in Jalan Puchong, for sure they knew it. at first I thought only me and Elisha since Pizie is not well.. then I asked Nana if she could join us or not then she decided to join us. Pika was not here because she went back to her village.. erm.. never mind. then suddenly, Wan was calling me when we are chatting. so I asked him to join us. later, I don't know where the two macho men came from. Pizie and Haziq. they join us eating satay together. I treat all of them but then just drinks lor.. except for Eli. hehe!! again, we "mencapub". huhu!! just six of us. Me, Eli, Nana, Wan, Pizie and Haziq. having fun there!!

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