Friday, February 26, 2010

Char Kuew Teow!

Today is a bit different.. My family and I went to Danau Kota, Setapak.. we had char kuew teow at Mali's Corner.. perrggh!! best!! but then to me, a bit spicy.. whatever it is, ok lah.. then we decided to drop in to Uptown.. just want to look around actually but then I went to one of the places. I bought Clinique perfume. influenced by yana. hahha!! not for women but for men. its weird actually but true! then I bought red colour purse and crocs shoe.. it just cost RM15. nice look! what's the point to buy the expensive one since I'm still studying. hehe! whether you buy the cheap one or the expensive one, its no different to me. it just look the same as the ori one. well, really enjoyed tonight! had fun though!

Having syrup

Barli, syrup & nescafe 'O'

Pergghh!! best!

Red purse. how much do you think?

Crocs. for sure not ori la.. hehhe

Clinique for men?? haha!

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yana said...

pasni bau aku ngn ko same ler..


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