Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally.. Everything turned back to normal..

Hm.. really!! yesterday was a bad day to me!! things come one after another! I couldn't imagine how distraught my life was at that time.. I was crying non-stop.. things happened really make me feel down. don't know what else should I do.. feel like wanna go somewhere and live alone.. rather, nobody will disturb me there. after I performed prayer, I just pray to Allah.. give me strength to face anything that I was facing now and any possible outcome to overcome my problems. I don't know what is wrong with him actually.. suddenly mad at me, snarl at me!! really damn!! I don't know what the things make him behaved like that. I'm bugging him?? make him feel uncomfortable?? he asked for that actually! I don't feel that I'm bugging him. I'm not restrict him. just care for him. that's it! don't mean to interfere into his life. I know that I'm nothing to him. I know who I am. huh!! then today I text him and he replied.. hm.. thanked God.. maybe he is ok now. just now I saw his status that he wrote yesterday and for sure he dedicated to me. then he called me just now. he is going to fly to Sabah, class trip till this Saturday.. hm.. it seems that he is okey with me now.. we can laugh together. so I think after this I'll try to avoid from create any problems with him since I really2 know him very well. we have known each other about seven years so I really2 "masak" with his attitude.. so to me everything was going back to normal and perhaps this thing would not happen for how many times I don't know. we used to be in this situations. actually, I'm annoy him actually. really stubborn! so no wonder lah he behaved like that. huhu! then the other one, after meeting one to one, I told what I was keeping in my heart .. I just trying to explain on my side. that's it. just wanna make everything clear without any question mark. there's nothing to worry actually. it just that we have to know what the things happened and settle it in positive ways. that's it. that is what I did today. and the overcome is I managed to make myself away from those things that haunted my life.. thanks for understand me.

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