Friday, April 9, 2010

Drawing is an art

Sketched by Scha Myra on...

Salam to all...
Well, today I'm going to talk about my painting.
Don't ask me why in these few days my posts
quite different as usual..
Hurm.. feel like gonna talk about something else.
It's getting bored actually just keep on writing about my daily routines.
Actually if you noticed, all my posts always the same things..
Again.. problem3x!! haha!!
So I feel like to tell about something different which I thought
are interesting to me since I've updated my blog to a new look.
Hope you all like it!
Oh ya.. I'm suppose to talk about my painting but now
I'm merepek already. hahha!

Erm.. that painting? I don't remember when I drew it.
Actually I wrote the date but feel 'malas' to look for the date.
I love to draw. I can draw many thing but I've to refer to something la.
Otherwise, I cannot draw.
I'm still amateur. not a professional.
Hm.. this is one of my paintings that look similar as the real one..
If you could guess..
Who are the persons in that portrait?
Mostly people got the correct answer for the man
but for the woman.. haha!!
The man actually is Mawi and the girl is Siti Nurhaliza..
But look like Amani also. heh..
Anything lor..

I love to draw but depends on mood..
If I'm not in the mood, seriously..
I couldn't draw anything!
Otherwise the painting would look rubbish.
Actually there are many of my paintings and this is the one which
I'm really proud because it looked real!
I used this painting as my presentation for my Law & Society subject.
Show & tell.. and I got 8/10!
I didn't expect actually for that mark..
Well, thanks Mdm Waheeda!

And this picture.. nice or not?? huhu!
My lecturer asked me to draw in on the board..
During my Arabic class..
Since she knew that I'm expert in drawing.
Expert?? really?? heh!!

I love to give my painting to my friends..
Especially when their birthday come.
Feel free to give them.
I didn't ask for money although many people asked me to sell my painting.
One painting cost for RM5. It worth actually but I just 'suka2 jer'..
I have all the materials needed to draw..
I have the pencils from 2B to 8B and the eraser.
The eraser that I used is used for drawing.
Hm.. what else I want to write??
Hm.. for those who kept my painting,
keep it nicely okey guys!


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