Friday, October 1, 2010

"It never rains but it pours"

"It never rains but it pours" same with "sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga".. It was yesterday, my bad day! macam2x jadi dekat aku semalam.. one after another!! damn!! hidup tanpa hala tuju!! this and that happened. I couldn't imagine how bad it was yesterday! bak kata orang, kalau sehari dah unlucky, biar unlucky terus. sehari kalau sorang buat kita marah or sakit hati, biar semua orang buat pun tak apa. kerja banyak nak kena settle in these few week times. then final exam dah. one thing may affected other things. that what was happened to me.. macam2x aku nampak, fikir.. all those things going on in my mind. hurm.. entahlah.. kadang2 aku sendiri tak faham dengan life ni macam mana. I'm the one who coloured my own life but it seems it was coloured with the colours which can be called as "serabut". sometimes aku sendiri tak tahu betul ke tak apa yang aku buat. sometimes I feel happy and sometimes might not. why?? actually good to be emo at times. that is what I'm used to.. well... actually I also don't know what I was thinking actually... please! don't mess with me! I used to be serious all the times but I'm also can make jokes but not to be fooled ya... for those who feel that they hurt me, apologies accepted. actually I didn't take serious on it but when something happened, again it may effect other things. I'm down!! I'm afraid if I will disappointing both of my parents. when I saw people wearing jubah for konvokesyen, I feel sad. then one thing cross in my mind.. "dapat tak aku sarung jubah tu nanti..."

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Anonymous said...

ko dak law ye...tak nah nampak pun ko kat aikol.. ahahahahaha..


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