Friday, August 14, 2009

Appreciation Night at CFS IIUM, PJ

Salam.. today I went to appreciation night at UIA PJ.. actually the event supposed to start at 8.15pm but "janji melayu" right.. huhu!! we began our event at 9.15pm if I'm not mistaken.. well, I enjoyed when I met my friends who are studying at PJ campus but I'm a bit sad actually because Kak Jiha, our assistant was not around. I wanted to give her something but I forgot to bring that thing and for coincidence, she was not around at that time. we haven't got our certificate. the certificate with hamidi right now. actually I wanna see someone but i didn't see him (P&T)~the clue is here!! they gave us towel as souvenir and they provided lucky draw but I'm not the lucky person. huhu!! 126!! it's not the lucky number. eventhough I'm not in the good mood today, the sketch from the committee can cheer me up.. "my mum said.. bla3x!!".. haha!! well, I'm quite happy because the tagline remind me of the person who I hate so much before! guess who?? huhu!! they provided macaroni, kampung fried rice, roti jala with curry and a few other dishes. the event end at 11.15pm as stated in the tentative programme. I'm the green lady at that night. so sweet!! huhu!!

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farishfarisha86 said...

shanteknyaaa tudung ijo katner??hehehe


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