Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mc'D time with Aisha

Alhamdulillah… finish for the first week in Nilai.. our second ‘home’.. not too good and not too bad.. it’s so so actually. actually we are not plan to go back but we decided to go back because of…. Bla3x… hahah!! Then we went to Mid Valley to buy some stuff. After that we went to Mc’D because we haven’t take our breakfast yet.. so hungry!! While eating, we were chatting with each other.. I call the session as the session to express anything that we want to say and we were not satisfy.. including “condemn” some people.. ops!! So annoying! It should be ok as long as we don’t disturb others. Then she sent me to my home with her lover.. VIVA forever.. keh3x!! thanks babe!
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