Sunday, February 21, 2010

D-G-8 Memories..

Salam all.. Hm.. this post especially dedicated to all my dormmates. first af all, I would like to say, I'm sorry to all if I hurt my DM's feeling. actually, I didn't mean to do that.. we as human, as a khalifah tend to do mistakes.. sometimes we didn't realise whatever we do might hurt others feeling.. sorry for that. after this, I hope we can build a new life and a new friendship. no heart feeling with each others.. just forget what had happened and just fill our life with something that can make us happy. I really love about something that we did last Friday night.. hope everyone can get lessons from what we have done. there are many things happened in DG8 since we are staying together since short semester. to me, it's a normal things if we have conflicts with others. DG8 quite famous I think. famous in IKIM.. hahah!! fakriyah always call IKIM and thanks for mentioned my name. much appreciated! and others, say thanks to her in personal lah.. no space to write all names.. hahah!! just kidding! what a best things to me is there are many conflicts happened in our dorm. I don't mean to "buka pekung di dada" but then I just wanna mentioned in general. that person don't like this person. this person annoying. and the other one love to yell. heh!! sometimes, when we think about these again, we might laugh actually.. whatever it is, we still can live in a one room. and don't forget about our dorm.. about "air tahi".. huh! really can't forget it! and my dipper was one of the victims to catch the "air tahi".. eeeeee... really disgusting! hurm.. then.. sorry to B and zatie... hahah!! last wednesday if I not mistaken, we ordered our meals for dinner then I'm the one who taking order at that times. I heard they want Nasi goreng kosong+telur dadar+ikan bilis but then actually they wanted sambal ikan bilis. hahah!! sorryyyyy dear.. actually, I was listening to my MP3. besides that, they were in study room so it was not clear what they said actually. when they took the order, yana told me that B mengamuk.. huuuu... at that time, I was sleeping. hehe!! heh.. when I saw their meals, I'm laughing at that time.. with ikan bilis goreng.. heh.. there are certain things that I couldn't mantion here because its too private to tell others. let it be the secret only for our dormmates. hope, after this we can meet at Gombak. continue with our ambitions! bahsya!! here, I wanna comment about all my dormmates.. should I?? hm.. be open lah.. not to talk about bad things.. it just that I wanna talk in general.

1. Tiqa - My good friends since I was in semester 1. we stay in the same room since in semester one. she is very kind to me.. love to hear my problems. to me she is a "heartless" person. hahah!! it's rare to see she crying actually. she loves to keep whatever she has in her mind. lately, I feel a bit "far" with her but then I hope I can be friend with her again like we used to be. love you!

2. Sarah - She is kind person. she is ok actually.. hurm.. i don't know how to explain. she is sempoi and cool person. sorry sarah because I ever talk about behind your back but then not kutuk la.. it just that express my feeling. can't tell here la.. to me, everything is settled. nothing is to worry. . we always going back together, share problems.. thanks for lending me your ears. thanks once again dear.

3. Ish - Sometimes she always makes me "bengang"! seriously! it just that small matter actually but then she will sulk. really irritate me sometimes. but then when others to the same to her, haaa.... at that time, she laughs.. why?? because she felt the same.. feel like what we felt. good job babe!! hahah!! that is the only thing la i wanna say about her. the rest, okey!

4. Na - Hm.. I've known her since first semester actually. we are in the same group in SC but then since we are in one dorm. no difference actually. why?? because she love to seat at her own place. I'll see her when she is going to take her bath because my bed is in front of toilet. hahah!! she is quite funny actually.

5. Anyss - This girl?? banyak mulut actually.. heheh!! she loves to encourage me. she loves to advice me when I'm in 'down' situations. once she starts talking, she cannot stop actually. very open minded! when I talk to her, I'll laugh and forget about my problems although for a few seconds. thanks budak notty!!

6. Fatma- She is the first person who left the dorm. we love to tease her especially B.. she and zaid got the same attitude actually. guess what?? love to hold their bags while in class. I don't know what the put in their bags. Hm.. something valuable I guess?? she is our musyrifah in DG8 since short semester.

7. Zizah - She loves to yell. she admitted it actually. hahha!! the things that I don't like about her and everyone also knew about it. she loves to close the door very loud. like "hempas" actually. really annoyed! but then, she admitted it also.. habit I think. haha!! sorry jijah.. gurau je ek??

8. Aina - This girl?? look like quiet but then loyar buruk juga. hahah!! love to tease her actually.. sorry aina! lately, love to merajuk with semua orang.. hm.. wanna be pampered before leave UIA I think. hehe!!

9. Kak Diana - Our eldest sister in DG8. she was born in 1989 actually.. love to tease her also by calling her DIANA.. hahah!! thanks for the advice that you've given to us..

10. Nor - Hm.. quite long I didn't talk to her.. there's something happened that make me reluctant to talk with her.. feel like annoyed but then everything is okey now. we are friends!!

11. Yana - This nyah?? no feeling actually.. hahah!! am I right? she are the one who always lending her ears.. thanks babe.. thanks for understand me.. thanks for helping me since we getting to know each other.

12. Bira - Hot temper girl!! that is the first thing I can describe about her.. but then she is very kind to me.. one of my good friends. thanks babe for helping me.. just be cool babe.. okey??

13. Fakriyah - Haha!! this budak kecik?? everyday, I will make her getting mad at me! love to make her angry. hahah!! but then we just joking.. not the serious one.. no heart feeling actually.. sorry yer??

14. Yam - She is very quiet but sometimes love to makes jokes with me.. she always lead when we pray together. thanks for teaching me everything that I didn't know before. I'll not forget about what you told us. thanks!

15. Zatie - The person I love sooooo much!! puji lebih sket. hahha!! she never angry at me. it just that I'm the one who love to make others angry with me.. sorry all.. I'm very stubborn actually.. sorry for trouble you.. you always beside me when I need you. sorry yana for stealing zatie. hahha!! love dolphin soo much!

16. Fida - My neighbour.. she is very serious person. what I don't like about her it just that, when I wanna take a bath, he asked me to hurry. ish!!! when I asked her to take a bath first, she didn't want to do so. then she also loves to give advice to me.. we are quite the same actually.. in the same situation. just be patient okey?? we cannot satisfy others..

17. Aisha - Heh.. we love to have conflicts even in small matters.. haha!! don't know why but then it can strengthen our friendship. right?? just forget what had passed.. there's no use to think about it. I can know whatever in her mind.. scary woooo... huhu!! hope we will be friends forever! love you!!

18. Tong - My sepupu.. huhu!! we had the same things.. so we know each other actually.. just think positive!! fight3x!! I love you as my friends and sepupu.. study smart ye tong.. I'll always pray for you..

19. Wawa - Love to tease her also.. I don't know why I love to tease IRK students.. huhu!! forgive me ya??? she is kind and soft person. huuuuu...

So again I wanna say, I seek apologize to all of you.. I'm a normal person who cannot avoid from doing mistakes.. thanks to all for taking care of me.. I really2 appreciate it! I'll pray for all success. wish me luck too!!!

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