Saturday, February 27, 2010


Salam all.. first of all, I feel like I want to laugh first.. Hahahahhahaha! serious shit!! crazy!! erm... today I chatted with my junior when I was in my secondary school. he is now in form 4.. heh.. I don't expect actually he would ask me that question. "akak dah bertunang ke?".. hah! what kind of question is that.. hahah!! he said every time when he expected something, sure it will be the correct one. hahah! how come I want to engaged since I don't even have bf.. nonsense! hm.. my target is I wanna get married before 30.. is not that old right since I'm going to finish my study at my age about 24 years old at that time. so amirul, your guess is totally out of what you have expected. hehe!

Then... about my friend whom I met when I was in form 5.. in Camp Lembah Pangsun if I not mistaken.. at that time, he was in form 4. I've lost contact with him about two years if I not mistaken. then suddenly today he appeared when I'm on9 at YM.. haha!! maybe he dreamt last night.. dreamt of me I think. huhu! calling me sayang and whatsoeverlah.. crushing I think?? hurm? he started asking me whether I'm single or not.. miss me la... haha!! actually he wanna make his GF jealous. then he forgot my name actually! so sengal! and there is one thing that I can't remember about one message that make me lost contact with him.. hurm.. I'm trying to recall about that message.. heh.. now is his turn to "bahan" me this time! so sengal you know!! but then when I remembered about that thing, I just smiling.. hm.. he told me actually he had GF but then he got some problems with his GF and he asked my opinion. if I were in his shoes, I'll break up.. what for to cry or be nice with a person who don't even think about us. if that person think about our feeling, think about us, he or she wouldn't do such things.. hm.. so I advised you that, think carefully.

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