Friday, February 12, 2010

Everyday is the same day

I don't know lah what's wrong with me these few days.. GPL2 is waiting for me this upcoming Wednesday. I just counting from day to day but study that subject?? is not that much as I'm counting the day. feel like this subject really2 tough for me for this semester.. I'm just afraid that I couldn't do it. same goes to my friends. there are two more papers that I've to seat.. I haven't started anything yet for paper on 19th Feb. GPL2?? I've to memorise cases+articles.. fuh! I don't know what formula should I use.. so the best way for me is just read. keep on reading! whether I can remember or not, no comment! mdm bad, help me!! hahah!! then tomorrow I'm going to meet my former schoolmates when we were in primary school (SKSS). sure it will be a nice memory.. but not all of then will come. just wait and see who will be there tomorrow. oh ya.. thanks haziq for inviting me and treat me for my fav drink. nice!! well, mood for now is NO FEELING...

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