Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jom Heboh??

Salam.. nothing much for today.. just doing the same things. On9 then off9!! then On9 again.. Haha! my stomach still in pain.. always going to toilet. really tiring! feel like want to stay in the toilet and bring my lap top there. heheh!! it's easy actually... just sleep when I feel sick. that's the only way to feel better.

My friends ask me to join them.. go to Jom Heboh at Bukit Jalil.. hm.. got some history there.. lost my handphone for the second time.. at the back of the phone, got my pic. I think the person who stole my phone, he just wanna my pic actually.. haha!! perasan! I just thinking, that is the first and last time I went there.. actually I don't like crowded places. really make me headache! I can't imagine if I lose my hp for the third time.. woooooo.... the first time when I was in form three. last paper on PMR. I put my bag in Lab if I not mistaken. actually I know who took my HP but then I just let it go.. to me, what past is past.

Lost after PMR
* Mine is black colour

Lost at Jom Heboh, 2006 (if I not mistaken)

To pizie, relax babe.. try harder.. once u failed, it doesn't mean you are going to fail for your entire life. chaiyok2!!! I'm here for you friend!

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