Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After subuh prayer today, I didn't sleep since I need to accompany my mom to attend her appointments. one in the morning and the other one is in the afternoon.. really tired! hurm.. because I love to cari pasal with myself.. once we arrived to PPUM, I bought Nescafe Mocha. fuh!! sedap bangat!! actually I cannot drink it but then since I'm a stubborn person, so to me, lantaklah! hm.. I don't know what is wrong actually with Rapid KL drivers. they thought they were having race on the normal road. if you want to drift, go to track la!! damn stupid! so I suggested here to make some rules and regulations for Rapid KL drivers. have to be patient and know the ethics to drive on the normal road! hurm?? huh.. my stomach really painful! pain all over my body.. so weak! affected by mocha.. is it?? erm.. not really.. actually it depends on the system itself.. once everything is not normal, so my whole body will break down. like a car without petrol.. sure cannot be used! so I sleep early today.. totally no energy!

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