Sunday, February 14, 2010


A hero? A hero can be defined as a role model, a person who makes you smile, makes you happy in your life. A hero is the person who we admired and as our inspiration to live in this challenging life. A hero could be Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. Therefore, my hero is my father which I can describe him as a “Superman” to me. He is a hard working man. If there were an award for hero, the person who I think should receive it definitely would be my father. I think he is the most deserved person to be a hero. My father goes to work every day of the week, even Saturday, Sunday and also on public holiday. He never complains about it. He works as a general assistant in one of the companies in Shah Alam. He is a very dedicated father in performing his duty. I can see that he is very committed once he doing his works. In certain conditions, when I felt down in my studies, suddenly I will remember him. Later, I will become exuberant once his face crosses in my mind. Although he is quite busy with his works, nevertheless he will never forget about his duty as a husband and father towards his love family. He never neglected his family as he knows that his responsibility as a leader in his family. Just so we can pay rent, other bills and buy things for us. My dad does not think about himself but he thinks more about my family and me. He gave his children enough educations unless I will not be as good as I can be now as an accounting student. If he did not care about me, I will not be here I think. If I catch the cold or else I am not feeling well, my superhero father is always there for me. He makes me whatever he thinks can help me to feel better. He gives me proper care which includes taking me to the doctor like I used to be before when I was admitted to the hospital. When my father is always beside me, I will feel much better. As you know my hero is my father. I should work hard to help him in the future. I shall thank to God for giving me a caring, wonderful, brave, loving, and kind-hearted father. I promised to myself that I will study hard so that I will be an accountant one day. Perhaps, he will proud to have me as his son. I also want to be a good leader once I got married and be like my father. For that, he does everything for the sake of his family.
p/s: Hm.. Sorry if the essay quite long. Once I wrote an essay, I couldn't make it short. So sorry for that. hope you like it. if you think there's something wrong or got any mistakes, just edit it. TQ

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