Saturday, February 13, 2010


Salam.. hello all!! I'm back with my other post.. about my reunion.. I really enjoyed it!! I had a great time!! I went to Elisha's home, then we go together to IOI Mall.. we arrived there about 1.15pm if I not mistaken. then we wait for the rest to come.. the first thing I saw was Ena and Wan with the same colour of their clothes.. hurm?? got something that I don't know?? hm.. actually I knew something was happening. just pretending that I don't know what happened actually with both of them. haha!! then we just chit-chat at McD before decided what are we going to do first whether eat or play first then we decided to play bowling first since McD is full at that time. we have divided ourselves into two teams. first team: Pzie, Eli, Faries, Wan and Joseph and the second team: Me, Ena, Haziq, Nana and Dekno. but what the sengal!! we are the loosing team! no fear babe!! rematch! I don't mind!! hahah!! well, congrats to the first team although Joseph just showing his skill at the beginning when the game started. after that, just go to "longkang". hihi!! while waiting for our friends who was playing, we "mencapub".. got about 80 pictures all together. can you imagine it? really tiring! like photography session. haha!! it just that we are not artist la.. then we had our meal at Jusco food court since McD and KFC did not have enough table for all of us. meal time+chatting.. that's the best session. recall our memories when we were in primary school. really happening!! laughing3x!! talk about this and that.. so sweeettt!!! then we bought a cake for us.. but I don't know what's wrong with the cake. not easily to cut it! then about 6.30pm we disperse.. but what a sad moment... don't know when we can meet again. hopefully later we can have a greater reunion! all of us will come including for those who couldn't attend today. there are some pictures of us. there are many actually. to be uploaded later okey. need to get it from elisha then I'll edit it first.

Special thanks to:

~Omar's friend (sorry! don't know his name. huhu)

*This is the one I took from my hp.. the rest, in Eli's camera.

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