Monday, February 15, 2010


Hurm.. I haven't sleep yet since I've to edit and upload all the photos before I'm going back to Nilai today. getting tired actually since I didn't get enough sleep these few days. I was thinking about my last two papers actually which are GPL2 and Law Soc. yeah.. even I enjoyed with my friends these few days, I still have to think about my exams. yesterday, once I woke up, I started doing my revision but getting to understand it, I have no comment on that. really gimme headache! I can't imagine when I go to Gombak soon.. hurm?? how it would be?? nicer or worse?? hm.. just wait for it. I will go back to Nilai today at 10am, insyaAllah.. Haziq going to send me since the person who supposed to send me had to go back to his village. last minute decision by his father. it's okey. actually I just teasing haziq then he didn't mind to send me back. so okey! thanks babe! hm?? Nilai?? so bored! getting tension once I reached there.. I haven't seen my CAM yet for GPL2. hopefully above 30. just hope for the best. to all my friends and family, wish me the best of luck! this is my last post before I'm going back. I'll not bring my lap top because it just only for few days. I'll be right back maybe on Saturday. later, I'll tell about my last two papers. how was it?? easy or difficult? well, these few days feel like to write my blog in English. I don't know what's wrong with me haa?? actually I'm not really fluent in english but I just give a try. learning process. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa......

GPL2- Wednesday (9.00am)
Law & Soc- Friday (9.00am)

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