Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alhamdulillah.. MUET is over!

Salam all..
Today, I attended for MUET speaking.. I'm quite nervous actually..
Like Katy Perry's song.. "Cause' you're hot then you're cold"..
Haha!! it seems I never face this kind of situation..
Speak in front of others. heh..
Poyo tau tak!!
Maybe its quite long I didn't face it..
Long time ago.. the last time I go through it when I was in short semester, first year.
Actually, just now I just speak whatever came out from my mind.
Just write everything on the paper given.
My handwriting? like cakar ayam. haha!
As long as I get my points. that's enough to me!

Btw, I'm the last candidate. Candidate D.
The first candidate is Shahrul. laws student from UITM. he is 19.
This is the second time he took MUET. he needs to obtain band 4 I think for laws UITM.
The second candidate is Nasrul. IT student from UNISEL. he is going to pursue his degree.
he is 21 years old.
And the third candidate is I call her, Kak Efa. she is married and working as a nurse.
28 years old.. she is going to take PJJ so she needs to take MUET la.
Lastly, the fourth candidate. haha!! no need to introduce.
Mengada jer!!

I really enjoyed my speaking session.
They all give good contribution.
I don't want to comment about us..
Because we just 'bantai' je. haha!!
I'm quite satisfied since I can speak even not fluent.
Grammar? I ignored it! If we think about grammar,
I bet we couldn't speak even one word.

Our topic is:
"We want to choose universities and course programmes to study.
So it just like seeking opinion la.. and why?
From parents, friends, teachers and counselor."
Mine is counselor.. since I had experience on that,
I just said what I remembered when
I had conversation with my counselor when I was in form three.

So thanks to SHAHRUL, NASRUL & KAK EFA..
InsyaAllah.. hope for band 4.. its enough actually.

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