Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sob.. Sob... Sob...


Going back to UIA tomorrow.
Only for two hours.. BMP's class.
Oh yaaa... Don't forget to bring my homework.
Jangan malas2 okay.. Finish it by this week insyaAllah.
Then next week, pergi court okay Yana Latif and Ku Adlina?
Myra ikut je ke mana sahaja..
Lagi jauh, lagi baik.. Nak membawa diri terus.. :(

I met my hair stylist today.
I loike you laa Vinz!!
I'm gonna see you for the next times! For sure!!
100% satisfaction guaranteed! :D
And thanks for the tips given. 
After this, jaga rambut macam mula2 curl dulu okay!

  • says I'll not disturb you if you don't want to be disturbed by me. In simple words, I also don't like to disturb people.
    9 minutes ago ·  ·  · 
    • Puteri Attia likes this.
      • Myra Latif ‎*sebak* pal benda lain tp status psl lain.
        5 minutes ago · 
      • Puteri Attia n atia mmg suker status ni sbb relate ngan tia pon
        4 minutes ago · 
      • Myra Latif Puteri Attia: apa lagi.. copy paste tia. :) hurrmmm.. rasa nak nangis laa.. nak nangis psl bnda lain.. tp psl status pun, leh la jugak.
        2 minutes ago · 

Terasa lama...
But not that long actually..
I'll not disturb you after this..
If you want, yeah... You are free to contact me..
But I don't know whether I'm gonna reply anything to you.
Depends... Because I feel like I'm a middle person.
Should't happen actually.

Tiba2 pula *sebak*..... 
Shitt!!! Why must I do that??
Okay.. Jangan gatal2 lagi lepas ni..
Why mustn't me?? 

GTG... and...

GT Hell!!!!!!!!!!!! or

GT Heaven????? 

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