Thursday, May 19, 2011

Selamat Tinggal

I never wanna say goodbye but you always make me cry...

Why?? Why?? And why???
Why I don't deserve to be happy like others??
Is that hard to make someone happy??
Yeah.. It's hard actually.. But to make someone cry, its kinda easy actually..
Just do something that can hurt her.. For sure that person will be sad.
I just realised that, I let myself to be hurt all this time.
I let myself get into it.. Huh.. Damn stupid!

Why I can't be treated as "that person" treated "that person"??
What is the difference between me and "that person"??
"That person" existed in my life before..
I don't know who is the third party actually..
Me or "that person"..
But for sure now, "that person" is happy with "that person"..
Even "that person" is not me..
What are the weaknesses in me as compared to "that person"?
"That person" just as simple as that threw me awayyyy..
But what makes "that person" can be with "that person" for this long period of time?
I don't know.. I just wondering...
Why don't I was treated like that??
I feel like I'm gonna do the same thing like I used before even I think I shouldn't do that..
Yeah... I have too... So that I'll not feel hurt again... And again..
My friends thought me that "Apa yang kau buat sekarang ni, kau sedang melukakan hati kau sendiri"..
Only now I realised that... Sorry guys... I should trust you before. :(
And sorry to "that person". I have to break my promise again for the sake of myself.
So that I wouldn't be hurt again...

And you....
Sorry if you feel like you were forced to text me etc...
Yes, you are actually...
I wouldn't mind actually...
You have your own life and same goes to me..
Nothing much to worry about me.
I should understand that nobody can be with me all the times..
Sorry for everything..
I just don't wanna be somebody that I shouldn't be actually..
Thanks for realised about that.
Yeah.. That part I was dedicated to you actually...
This last words hopefully is the last message that I replied to you..
"Okay.. If you say so.. Sorry. Tc. Bye"
I also don't understand you..
Just go with your life.
Plus, I'm nothing to you.. So no reasons for you to bother about me.
I know, you are going to read this.


Goodbye to both of you..
I'm stick with my decision.
I don't wanna hurt myself anymore.
This is the best way.. 
Happy for both of you.

P/s: Yana, thanks sudi lunch dengan aku tadi and hantar aku dekat LRT. Thanks to C.Jah gak. :)

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