Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leaving on a Jet Plane


First of all, I'm done with my convocation. Alhamdulillah..
Everything was good. 
Thanks for those who came on my convocation day with the flowers etc.
For sure, I'm highly appreciated.
Special thanks to Mak yang datang dan sanggup dibawa ke hulu ke hilir oleh aku.
Thanks also to the unexpected guest (You know who you are)..
I don't know on how to express my gratitude toward you.
Robe pun dah pulang, scroll pun dah ambil and plus with all those pictures.
So now back to work..

8 months left to complete my chambering.
Today (23 October 2014), genap sebulan dah chambering period aku.
However, too many things which need to be completed before I end my chambering.
Not just sitting here dekat office for these 9 months.
I'm fun doing my chambering here without stress which is good to me and I'm happy for that.

Btw, sometimes aku rasa nak 'lari' sebentar dari semua ni..
Leave everything which I had now and find a new way of life.
Go somewhere and only me to be in that place.
Far from others.. Sometimes we need time for ourself.
Well, dalam hidup kita ada ups and downs and that's normal.
Sometimes we did not know what goes around.
Kita nak jaga hati orang.. Try nak buat semua orang happy sampai kita tak fikir diri kita sendiri.
Yet orang tak fikir pun.. Kita rasa letih dah nak hadap semua ni.

Sampai satu masa aku dah tawar hati, just one..
I'd say that "pergi mampus" and I don't even care about you or nak pujuk pujuk bagai.
When I started to feel in that way, khalasss... :)
Yeah, sometimes aku serabut.. Bukan serabut sebab ada masalah tapi terlalu memikirkan hati orang lain..
Aku tak kisah pasal diri aku asalkan orang lain OK.
Lucky that aku bahagia dengan kerja aku buat now.

Banyak perkara yang aku selalu buat dulu, aku dah tinggalkan.
I don't say that aku takde life dah but aku buat dengan kerelaan dan keikhlasan hati aku.
Move forward and look forward.
Aku happy dengan hidup aku now.
Ada orang yang aku sayang di samping aku but like I said sometimes the uneasy feeling will come.
I feel much better now and I'm glad.
Life aku sekarang is kerja and takde dah nak melagha macam dulu. lol
Balik kerja dah letih and awal dah pengsan.
That's the difference between study life and working life. 

Muhasabah diri pagi pagi datang office, buka PC and I am writing this.
Mencurah-curah pula idea pagi-pagi ni kan..
Thanks for reading..

Myra Latif.

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