Friday, February 12, 2010

How should i behave towards him??

Should I happy?? should I sad?? should i depress?? I don't know.. we made some deals together.. I'm happy with it actually.. share problems.. I'll tell him everything what happened everyday.. he tend to angry with me. to him, he just advice me but i don't think so.. he feel like mad at me! the trouble maker person?? me! but then I'm happy with his existence.. long time ago, he was somebody to me but now we just friend.. i'm keep on reminding him about our deals.. he can be called as forgetful person!! thats make ke annoy greatly!! then I don't know why today I reminded him not to forget our deal which is anything happened, let me know.. don't be a secretive person.. then I don't know what makes him to tell me that he ever be friend with somebody.. his colleague. I don't know what I feel right now.. feeling sad?? why?? hm.. sympathise with him.. because of one girl, his life like disaster to me.. failed in study.. as a person who has been fooled by him long time ago, I should happy with that but I'm really2 sad.. I'm happy for him if he is happy with her life now.. hurm.. we just frend for now. not more than that. good friend! why I am not the girl who can be part of his life?? because i don't want to be hurt for the fourth times by the same person. I think we can just be friends. that's the best way but then if we are meant to be together, I can't deny it.. just hope for the best in my life. same goes to him.. anyway, I Love him damn much! that's why I've been single till now.. I just thinking not to be hurt again by a man then I wanna concentrate to my ambition as a lawyer.. insyaAllah..

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