Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy birthday my dear friends!

Salam... just want to wish happy birthday to Anyss Noty and Nor Cute.. hurm.. even both of them are not cute! hahha!! well, welcome to my club again.. finally!! no more teens babe.. that is the thing that you must remember.. so you must behave like 20 years old girl. heh.. cakap orang.. hahah!! but me?? still childish! whatever it is, may Allah bless you all.. and happy always! no present! kui3x! this post is more than enough.. hek3x!!

Anyss Noty - 2 March 2010

Nor Cute - 3 March 2010

p/s: sorry ye aku ambil pic korang kat FB. huhu!!

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Ezzy said...

=D (niat menggatal)

nak kenal2 ngn diowang . ? =)


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