Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~Not in the mood today~

Salam all.. hari ni sakit kepala sangat2! so after maghrib, aku tidur.. pukul sembilan lebih baru bangun. dengan perut sakit lagi... hari ni sepatutnya keluar dengan ena but then she got something to do so cancel ar.. I thought nak keluar sorang tapi malas pula. maybe tomorrow. nothing much for today. the same things going on. tengok dekat FB, masing2 kawan aku kebosanan.

Hm.. then pasal my MP3.. I charged my MP3 last night about 9.30pm. so I supposed to charge the MP3 for about 2 hours like that but then I didn't realise that I should switch off the MP3 at 11.30pm. I just realised this morning at 11.30am. fuh!! so its over charged actually! about 14 hours! hopefully its still in a good condition.

Then about one thing that really annoyed me! shit!!! damn stupid!! DO I CARE?? go to hell lah you!! just get rid of my life! I don't mind for not having a friend like you! budget bagus!! arrrrgggghhhh!!! and I just kicked him out from my FB! and to all my friends, wherever he is, I'll not be there! so if you all wanna make any events, make sure one of us will not be there! BENGANG GILER!!

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