Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Karaoke time... layan!!

Today I went to IOI Mall.. buat apa je?? hm.. something different! finally!! karaoke at red box.. release tension! not too expensive! ok what?? just apply to be a member, pay RM5 then can get student price. total, it cost about Rm9.20.. air free! lychee twist and sprite 1 jug tuuu... memang best gila!! one room just me alone! aku masuk pukul 2pm and time out pukul 8pm. 6 hours tuu!! but about 5.30pm aku dah chow. gila nak tunggu sampai pukul 8pm. heh.. what songs I sang?? too many.. huhu!! I don't care what people say.. hahha!! memang terkucil. keluar suara angsa!! suara angsa pun tak macam aku. hehe!!

Before that pergi ambil gambar pasport and beli buku MUET.. just one book left.. so terpaksa ambil yang tu lah.. front page dia koyak sikit.. it's ok lah.. nak yang dalam.. don't judge a book by its cover right...

Waiting for result this Thursday.. hooooo.... tatotnya!!! hurm... camnelah ye??? as expected??

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