Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Outing to OUG

Salam all.. today I woke up early. unusual! haha! not too early actually.. once I woke up, I clean my house.. just swept the floor.. then I went to Pearl Point to pay my broadband bill, then I had lunch with ena at McD. later, I went to Parkson. bought some presents for my two friends. name to be mentioned later. hehe!! everything double!! don't know what to buy actually.. but I wrapped the presents already. then my crocs shoe so sengal today! painful! feel like wanna throw it away! heeee.. maybe it just the first time I wear it. maybe it might be okey for the next times. hope so..

Then everybody started asking me who is the person that I kicked out from my FB. hurm?? its secret... I'll tell in private.. cannot be mentioned here! but seriously again, you think you are so good??! go to hell ar! I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT YOU!! TQ!

This person said get rid of my life 4eva!

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