Thursday, March 4, 2010

Somebody following me???

Salam all.. Alhamdulillah, I'm back for today. somebody following me? peeping and following my blog la.. not following me! don't perasan okey?? huhu!! hm... dah lama juga that person hilang.. mana dia pergi ek?? bill broadband x bayar! hahah!! today he appeared when I'm on9.. like biscuits! kejap ada kejap takde! he told me that he is following my blog and I'm sure he is reading this post now. haha!! I'm talking about you! well, thanks for following my posts. that's why you said you know me ek?? he is my YM's friend.. but then I forgot his name. sorry ek?? but now I'll remember your name.. Arul. ops!! tersebut pula!! heeeee... well, thanks for being my friend!

Hm.. really2 sakit hati+bengang hari ni! I don't know what is happening actually! what's wrong with YM, MS!! semua sengal!! either internet or broadband got problem, I don't know! really annoyed me!! nak kata tak bayar bill, dah bayar. hm.. celcom ni memang ar! ish!!

Hm.. this Saturday I'm gonna do something but then should or shouldn't go?? the answer is on this saturday. hahah!! sometimes feel like wanna go and sometimes don't want. but then everything is ready! just be prepared. that is the only thing I should do now. so should go lah I think. the thing that I'm gonna do is secret!! ssshhhhhh! heeee... lalalalalalalaaaaaaa..... ngeeeeeeee~

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