Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Setelah beberapa hari otakku berserabut, hari ni semua dah clear..
Thanks to my dear, MR. GRAPE!! huhu!!
You are my everything..
Aku suka kita orang yang sekarang ni.. even hanya berstatuskan "kawan"..
Its more than enough to me than being a couple.
We have made our declaration..
And I'm happy with that!
Dia menjadi peneman setiaku ke mana sahaja... thanks dear!
This Saturday, he's going to fly to Sarawak..
Meneruskan perjuangan masing2x..
Tak dapat jumpa daa... :D
Fyi, he's not my bf.. but my ex-bf.
I'm not having an affair with him neither his dark belover.
Only us know it.
So don't make your own assumption okay!
Btw, I love the way we had now.
Thanks dear!

And to MR. HN...
I'm sorry for hurting you..
Aku tersepit... I have to choose..
Whatever it is, family first..
And today, I've made my decision.
We can only be friend..
Just act macam biasa..
InsyaAlalh, one day.. kalau ada jodoh, adalah..
Yeah.. only for one week..
But what can I do.. nothing!
Maybe aku kena belajar dulu..
As my family wanted me to do so..
Jodoh boleh datang bila2x..
Chill babe!!
Thanks to him for understand my situation.
You are such a nice friend to me.
And thanks for everything.

Okay.. now just a few days left for me to "main2"..
After this, just focus to MR. LAWS okay!!
MR. LAWS is my course..
I mean concentrate to study laa..
Not somebody okay!
Achieve your ambition girl!!
You asked for it, and InsyaAllah, you will get it!
You decide for our own life!


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