Saturday, February 26, 2011



Adesss... Aku tak nak wish birthday dia...
But then ada miscommunication..
It's okay NC..
Sorry for not replying your msg yersterday..
I was busy the entire day. Damn tired!
Btw, thanks for accompanied me main squash okey.

Huh... tears come again...
I don't know...
What comes around???
It seems like something empty deep inside my heart..

Thanks Alif and Shahid for calling me..
Bila nak jumpa Alif bagi benda tu dekat dia..
Ke nak makan sendiri je??? Hurmm...
I was shocked juga la Shahid call..
Tiba2 lak ea...
Remind me dengan "dia"..

Oh yaa...
For those yang tahu my latest story tu, just simpan jelah okey..
Something unpredicted.. :)
Hmm... Kalau betul aku yang dimaksudkan?
Apa perasaan aku?? I don't know.. Am I?
Tak mungkin... Not me..
Just keep silent... It's better than keep silent rather than I speak.
It might get hurt.. So just conceal..
Now, everything is changed..
Yeah.. Like I said..
Comes and go..

"I'm sorry for blaming you..
For everything I just couldn't do..
And I've hurt myself.."

Assignments banyak...
Assignment MLS tak pergi2 lagi.. Huh..
Bar Council reject! Huh?? So where should I go then?
Tort test is coming in the next two weeks..
Done with case review. Printed already..
Got two hadiths to memorize..
Nak hafal pun tak boleh concentrate..
Hati tak tenteram, kepala serabut..

Sorry Sis, SC semalam..
Aku memang banyak cakap..
Sebab saya suka bercakap.. :)
Ramai yang suka dengar aku cakap..
Sebab aku cakap laju..
Hurm.. Memang macam tu kot... :D

Yesterday.. Sampai rumah 9pm. Huh! Damn!
I asked somebody to fetch me at LRT Taman Jaya.
I've waited for him for about 30 minutes.
Call? Voicemail!
Like a tree stump!
Luckily I am a smart person, you know!
So just take LRT again to Pasar Seni, take bus.. Going back alone! 
Rejected his call. Not replying his msg. So cruel! :p
No worries.. Cool back later.. Sorry for troubling you okay. His hp was running out of battery.. Grrrrrrr!!

So now, what should I think??


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