Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Missing "You"? What is Missing?


Got many things to do right now...
Case review should be settled down by today.
By hook or by crook!
I don't wanna even look at it after this! 
I should move for my next tasks..
Many things should be done, perhaps this week..

By the way, this Friday..
OMG!! Got replacement classes..
LM 10-11am and Tort.. Tort 3-5pm... Hurm..
My brain gonna stuck.. Trust me!!
I just got my result for tort test..
Alhamdulillah... Quite good! :)
Next test will be held on 9th March 2011..
Trespass to land until defamation. Huh...

Actually apa sudah jadi pada aku??
I don't know... Hati tak tenteram...
Perasaan yang aku sendiri tak tahu...
Feel like wanna cry..
Hati ni macam sedih...
So should I cry then??
Something missing actually.. But what it is???

Now, spending my leisure time..
Leisure time ke?? Yeah.. Perhaps...
Main squasy.. Tennis?? Aku tak lupa...
It just that court selalu penuh.
Ingat dia?? Tak nak! 
Squasy pukul dinding.. Yeah!! Exactly!!
Lepas geram!!
Kerja still kerja... Every day akan ada kerja..
I should spend some time for myself..
I should relax.. Not just doing the same things everyday..
Morning till night.. Then the same things for tomorrow..

Oh yaaa... Esok birthday ex Mr.Grape aku!!
Jangan harap aku nak wish!!
NC, awak wish jelah birthday dia..
He is "gone" forever in my life..

What is "missing"??

It seems like I know..
But can't tell...
I'm scared..
"Tak nak pisang berbuah berjuta2 kali"

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