Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kopi vs Gula





What are the symbolics behind this title?
Actually I wanna try to link to something...
Yeah.. Some of you might understand.. Some might not..

Actually what I'm trying to say here is...
Please.. Don't give me sugar or milk..
I don't wanna taste it!
I love coffee more, instead of sugar!
In reality, we need sugar to put or add it up in coffee, so that it won't taste bitter.
But I don't care.. I'm willing to drink the bitter coffee without sugar rather than having sugar inside it.
I don't mind about the taste..
Hurm?? Got it?? Hahahaa...

I am the coffee..
And the sugar??
"To whom it may concern" yaa..
To those who are reading my post and they feel that, they are the one who I am talking too!
Yeah, exactly!! IT'S YOU MAN!!

Coffee can stand on itself without pouring some sugar inside it..
So that we can have the original texture of the coffee.
I'm willing to pinch my nose when I drink the coffee..
Because of course it is bitter!
What? pouring some sugar inside it then I don't have to do such thing?
So that I will have some kind of nice smile because of the sweet taste of the coffee?
Ohh nooo... Physically, people will see the nice smile..
But deep inside my heart?? Who knows??

In reality actually, I love all the plain one..
Milo kosong ice..
Horlicks kosong ice..
All "kosong"....
It means that, no gula, no susu!!
And of course you have to add "kaw" there.
Same goes to my food...
No spicy and no vegetables!
Plain also!
That is the symbolic of me..
And again.. Like I care?? :p
The current one that I love most..
Ice coffee kaw okey!!

Really addicted to it!

Coffee, leave alone... You don't need sugar!
If sugar thinks that they need you, they will come to you..
They will come by themselves without asking them to come near to you.
If not now, maybe later..
In 4 or 5 years time..
If not expired yet laa.. :D
No sugar and no milk!
Milk will change the original colour of the coffee.
And even the sugar does not change the colour but it will change the taste of course!

And one more thing...
Even the coffee is black, it does not mean that it is bad..
And even the sugar is white, it does not mean that it is good.
So think of yourself...
Don't judge people by its appearance..


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Anonymous said...

undang2 ibarat gula di dalam kopi iaitu politik..

tanpa gula..pahit la kopi..

tanpa undang2...tak bermakna lah politik..kosong tanpa authority..

tetapi bagaimana pula dngn kopi o?

(orng demam tngah berfalsafah)

jadi..minumlah teh o ais!!!!!!



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