Monday, February 21, 2011

You, Not Me!


Should I cry???


Should I laugh???

I can't imagine what I feel right now...
It seems like something bothering my mind...
Sometimes I feel like I wanna cry..
Sometimes I feel like I wanna laugh..
Sometimes I feel like I wanna laugh and cry at the same time..
Haiyaaaaaa.... Miserable!!

I'm happy but not too happy actually...
So what should I describe then??
Only Allah knows what I feel right now...
And supposedly only me and Allah know..

But I don't want history repeat itself..
The same things gonna happen again and again..
I'm sick of it!!
Who should be blamed??
Is it myself?? The trouble maker?
Actually nope... I should trust qada' and qadar Allah..
Everything happen in our daily life, has its own reason behind it...
I shouldn't blame myself for the things happened.
I should move on.. Move to the next destination..
Don't look back...
Whatever comes are the best for me..
What is the best for me has decided by Allah..
It just that I don't know what it is actually..

What past it past...
Let bygone be bygone..
It's no use to cry over spilt milk...
Just wish the best for anyone who hurt me..
I don't like to revengeful..

Almost a month...
End of this month, 28.02.11..
He's "gone".... It's okay...
Maybe Allah has decided someone better than him for me..
"Terima hakikat okay"..

Actually now, I'm quite happy..
But I should not be too happy...
People said..
"Jangan terlalu suka sebab suka akan bertukar menjadi duka"
I'm scared actually...
But then I should trust that not everyone is the same..

So just go with the flow girl!!
But then follow the right path laa...
Unless it will be just the same as before..
Statement: I'm free right now..

Guys, if you think you come to my life just want to hurt me, just want to repeat my history,
please, just forget it.. In that case, better don't come.
If you close to me then later you intend to disappear, "missing in action",
then again, don't come close to me.
I'm not like stuffs that you can take if you want and if you don't want, you just throw it away. 
I deserved somebody much2 better who loves me as who I am.
Not somebody who will hurt me.
Thats why, right now I just wanna give commitment to my study.
Love just give me sick! Free...

I'm an ordinary person who tends to do mistakes..
But not all mistakes come from my side. It's you actually!


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