Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aku Tak Kisah :D


Long time I think I did not update my blog..
Erk?? Just three days.. Haha... Is that considered long?
Actually I've been busy doing my assignments..
Like I said, a lot of things to be completed in these two weeks time.
I have to burn the midnight oil..
Draft for MLS assignment which has to be submitted long time ago but then since we had some problems, we cannot complete the assignment early. Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete the draft.
Then, for Transaction. Thanks guys, I was not able to attend the discussion since I had to go to Putrajaya.
Thanks for understanding me ya!!
And again, I've done my part for Transaction. Alhamdulillah.. Just need to present and then later submit the written assignment.
Discussion LM also done.. BUT... *sabar*
Really2 annoying actually!! *To whom it may concern*
Tort test also done.. Actually, I didn't study well because I couldn't put my mind on the right track.
Just hope that 10 questions wrong out of 30. Hahaa!!
Got many things to think at that time.
I just have two hands.. With that hands, I need to do all the tasks given.
My brain also couldn't function well. Jammed!!
Well, as a student... student life!
Waiting: ILS presentation, ILS test, LM test, LM debate, tasmiq hadith and ma'thurat. 

And YOU...
It's time for you to revenge against me kan? :p
It's okay.. 
I know that I can't live without you! *So sweet*
You didn't know actually..
I'm trying to forget you by 'delete' everything from my mind but I just realised that I could't...
What is in you?? Do you have the answer? Heh..
Now, its time for you to laugh back at me..
I should hide my face.. Hahaha... but..
I don't mind lol.. :)

I was talking about whom actually?? :D

Tak leh bla kan.. :p
Hahhaaa... Many stories behind that actually....
What makes me add him back yaa?? Hahhaaa...
Because I removed him.. Then he add me back, I ignored..
At last, I did add him back. Hahhaaa..
So it shows that..... I can't live without you.
We are friend right?? :)
Almost 8 years we have known each other..
I know, many things goes around in your mind..
I'll tell you everything later why I did this and that..
I didn't expect actually you will ask me that question.

Now, strive for final!!
I shouldn't think of things that shouldn't be thought.
OK Myra?? :)


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