Monday, March 7, 2011

Dugaan, Cabaran, Rintangan, Halangan dan Sewaktu Dengannya


First of all, semalam seharian 'lepak'ing di KLCC...
Malam baru balik UIA.. Huhuu...
The best time to release tension!!
Tengok movie, Drive Angry with somebody then jalan2..
*You know who you are* :D

The lessons from this movie is...
I learned to kill people.. Hahhaa!!
I loike!!!! :)

Thanks yaaa... And thanks gak for 'condemn' me okeyh!!
Wait and see yaa!!
Jangan ingat aku tak boleh buat eak!! I will! :p
Kau patut support aku.. Ni tak... Sob2.. *Sedih*

TnG buat hal!! Tak suka!! I can't live without my TnG!!
I don't like to queue up!!
Its annoying!! Just use my TnG, easy!!
So when shall I go to KL Sentral??
"Kad tidak sah".. Pakai dalam bus okey pula!
Sengal betul!! So I have to buy ticket laa.. Haish!!

Ni lagi satu!!! Sengal yang teramat sangat!!!
Password betul pun tapi wrong password!! Damn!!


Welcome to Web-based Online Course Pre-Registration Exercise for Currently Enrolled Students Semester 3, 2010/2011 and Semester 1, 2011/2012 Sessions.

Please login using your matric no. and PIN / Password.

Matric No :

Login Problem? [Click Here to Activate Now!]
Note :This new password is applicable to all online system including Student Portal.
Wrong Password/PIN 
Please contact Kuliyyahs or Center for Postgraduate Studies(Postgraduate students only) for lost/wrong PINs. Please consult your kulliyyah or CPS at            03-61964000       Ext 3258,3360,3361 for any registration/non-technical issues. 

Memang bagi masalah!!
Last night sampai tidur dengan lap top!!
Gara2 nak log in sampai dapat.
Keep on trying but failed!!
Aku kalau pre-reg ni memang syiok la main add drop.
Tapi add drop aku kali ni berbaloi!!
Keep on trying sampai letihlah jari aku ni menaip password aku yang konon2 salah tu..
At first, I thought tak nak ambil short sem sebab tak dapat UNGS... Then rezeki...
Tak dapat UNGS tapi dapat lain. BMP and CM!!
Yeayy!!! Berkat kegigihan aku refresh, refresh dan refresh lagi!!
Thanks ya for those yang drop BMP and CM tu.. I loike!!
And thanks gak dekat CIK BALQIS and CIK MIERA sebab berhempas pulas nak log in untuk aku... :D
Short sem dah settle... Sekarang masalahnya nak on or off campus ea???
Buat solat isthikarah laa... :) Itu yang terbaik.. :D

Hurm.. What about me now???
Thanks to all for supporting me...
InsyaAllah, I will be fine but it takes some times to 'recover'..
Now, I know every single thing from A to Z from him.
Thanks for do so even you are not willing to tell me the truth actually.
I should thanks to ALIF
Should I dumb you or should I just forgive you for every single thing you have told and done to me??
SORRY, I can't forgive you...
And don't ever appear in my life anymore..

And YOU....
I just realised that, no matter what, we should be friend forever and ever..
I don't need anybody but only you maybe.
How bad you are actually, I know who you are... THANKS... :)
*I know you will not read this since I didn't approve you in my FB* 

Now, final exams is just around the corner..
Got assignments... Tests...
To finish up before end of this month..
Yeah.. Don't think about those stupid things anymore!!


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Anonymous said...

fuyoo jalan2 ngn pakwe baru!!!!!


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