Wednesday, March 16, 2011




and now.....


Apa yang terbuku and apa yang terbuka???

Actually.. Banyak yang terbuku dalam hati ni...
Tak semuanya perlu diceritakan pada orang...
And juga, tak semuanya perlu orang tahu...
So orang nak kata apa, orang boleh kata...
Bak kata orang, mulut tempayan boleh tutup tapi mulut manusia??
So the conclusion is, let people say whatever they wanna say..
Whatever it is, Allah knows everything.. :)

Perasaan yang terbuku..
Perasaan pada seseorang?? No, no, no!!
Like I said, I'm sick of it...
Even ada pun, that's the problem that I should avoid from.
Says to my heart, please.. let it go! :)

Now, everything was revealed..
It hurts me?? I don't think sooo...
People said, it might hurt me actually...
I put myself on the wrong track..
You guys think so but to me, It might not...
I know what I'm doing now..

I revealed everything... Yeah...
And dia memang sangat banggalah kan..
Takpe2.... I should give up on you now..
Officially, I am pleased to announce that you have won.
Its time for you to laugh at me yaaa....
I don't know what do you think when I told you everything.
Is it a regret for doing so?
I'm comfortable now...
Kinda.. Like new spirit come.. :)

Lately, a lot of things have been revealed..
Sorry for those who involved in the revelation. :)
I was cruel to do such thing??
I or we don't think so..
It's for the sake, for those who should get and 'kick' for those who shouldn't get!
Get based on what you should get. :)

Something unexpected....
Lately, get acquainted with people who never 'knew'..
Is something strange?
Different medium of communication..
Here and there...
I think it just the same..
So what are the differences?
You don't see it but actually you have seen it?
How it gonna works? Pelik!
I will be friend with anybody...
As long as I'm comfortable with, it's should be okay to me then..

I feel 'shy' with him...
'Shy' for what?? 
I feel like using him for my own interest. Terrible you!
But he said, he's don't mind...
So since he don't mind, should I mind then??
Memang tak perlu lah.. Hahaaa...
So after this, I will not hesitate to 'use' him. Ahaks!!
Sooooo terrible lah this girl! :p
Awak, saya gurau jer... :)
Btw, thanks awak untuk semua makanan di bawah ni. :D




And you...
Thanks lah eak for remember me tengah2 malam..
Tapi agak tak boleh bla laa...
How could you forget that song?? Sigh!
And.. Erm... I will consider first okey.
Hurm.. Should find somebody for him.
Yeahhh... I will.. :)
So that you can 'throw' me faaarr away..

And lastly, What I wanna say here is....
I feel like I'm lost!!
I have 'strayed' far... Faaaarrrr away!!
OMG!! Exam is just around the corner.
How I'm gonna put myself on the right track so that I won't lost?
Lost for CONTRACT.. The main one.. I'm scared..
The other subjects too.. 
I'm so scared to sit for MLS....
Tort? Transac? ILS? LM??
Ohhh... Everything lost...
Help meee!!


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