Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everything Was Wrong


Seriously, I should dumb this entire week!!
Seriously, I'm gonna crazy and I feel like crazy right now!
One come after another! 
Should it be like that???

Firstly, that shit man!!
Yeah, I just blocked you from my FB.
Seriously, I don't know what goes around..
I don't know what happen actually..
Then you, out of your mind, in a sudden you totally changed!
You really challenged me!!
Huh?? Everything was fine, but "takde angin takde ribut"..
Tup2!! You changed!!
I messaged you by asking watcha doing, you didn't reply, and when I call you,
this words come out.. "You ni kenapa?? Kacau je!" Huh?? 
I don't know what the thing actually has possessed you!!
I don't even know what makes you behaved like that!
OK FINE!! I don't wanna even see your face anymore but unfortunately, I'll be seeing you everyday.
Until I graduate.. OMG!! I can't avoid from seeing you. Damn!!
What I can say here is "MEMANG TAK BOLEH BLA!!"
You know what.. You are the second one that I blocked from my FB after that 'nice' man who are actually  a devil. 
Nobody knows about you. Only Allah knows who I'm talking to..
Anyone wants to be my next 'victim'?? You are most welcome!

Again, like I said..
I'm forgiven person. I used to forgive anybody who hurt me..
But there are two persons who I've put in my 'black list' now.
Don't you ever dream that I'll forgive you for this time being.
I hated both of you soooo much!!

Lately, people like to create problem with me.
Please, I'm really not in the mood this week.
And please, don't make me as a place to rage!
I'm a human being!! I'm not in the mood too!

I just got my second test paper for tort!
Fuh... Seriously, my result damn poor!
As compared to first test, which I can say is, extremely good..
Yeah, I admit that since I was in school, I was bad in MCQ.
It really turn down my grade.

Then, LM test today.. Huh.....
I'm so scared!! I haven't get my CAM yet...
So I couldn't predict any outcome from the test...
I don't know whether I'll pass or not...
I really2 hope I will pass.. That is much2 enough for me!!
Please Mdm... I don't know whether I can get any marks or not for the test today.
30 marks!! It carries a lot actually....

Assignment LM to be submitted on Friday...
Done with it.. My friend will continue on the assignment. TQ.
Take home test for ILS....
Question should be collected tomorrow morning at 10am.
I wish Dr. Yusry will put the question on time as he promised to us..
The test should be submitted on Saturday, 8am so by Friday I think I have to submit it.
On Saturday, got SC at 11am.. Only for half an hour sitting on the chair to answer 20 questions.
On Monday, Dr. Yusry gonna make a make up class.
But I don't think it will 'absorb' in my mind. Haha...

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