Thursday, March 24, 2011

Secrets Revealed!


Title for today agak suspen lah kan...
What do I mean by "Secrets Revealed"??

Today is the last tutorial for MLS..
After tutorial, I went for breakfast with my friend at HS cafe. Thanks babe! :)
Tomorrow just one more lecture for MLS..
Got one more topic to complete.. "Legal Profession"
Tomorrow morning at 8am, extra tutorial for Tort.
So free myself to go then right after that, cont for MLS lecture..
After MLS?? Shall we?? Where?? Huhu....

Actually, I just finished doing take home test for ILS...
I began to do the test from afternoon till at night.
6 pages.. Hahahaha... What I've written on that 6 pages??
Well, actually I wanna give Dr. Yusry extra works to read my answer. Hahaa... 15 marks. :)
Question 1, 10 marks.. Question 2, 5 marks which I need to read the article that contains 17 pages I think.
Seriously, I just highlighted where I think the important points are there, then I just copy it. Hehe..
By completing the take home test, I've completed all the tasks given for this sem. Yeay!!!
Now, strive for final exam! Just focus on it. Don't look back!

Uhhhh... I'm starving!! I just had my dinner.. 
As usual, stomach ache everyday.. 
Nasi lemak at Asma' Cafe with syrup..
Now, I feel nauseous.. :p

Oh yaa... Back to the main topic.. Huhu...
First, one of my roommates already know about that shit guy I wrote yesterday. Hahaha...
Shhhhhhhhhhh... Don't tell anyone. 
Then, secondly.. Mdm. Hafizah just discovered that we are repeaters of MLS. Hahhaa...
Of course Mdm thought that we are 'freshie'.. Haha.. 1st year and 1st sem lah kan.. :D
Then, Mdm asked us about our problems regarding MLS..
The questions actually... Trapped us Mdm!! Hahha... Alasan!! :p
Then, Mdm gives us some tips and guideline on how to answer.
Actually, we know what the things are. It just that the questions might confusing us.
And reminders also for the new comers. Hahaa....
If I appeal to recheck the paper, I don't think that I'll pass since Mdm said she rechecked the paper for those who appealed for rechecking then she couldn't help any.
So save RM50! Hehheee....

Then, tomorrow morning got mahallah pre-reg...
I don't think that Block G is available for us.. I mean level 1 students. Huh!!
So just left Block F and C... Arggghhh!!! I don't want!!
Seriously, menyusahkan!!! 
Just open this wing la, only this level la... Whatsoever la!!
In any matter whatsoever, level 1 students will be the last! Unfair!

Damn tired actually today...
I'm gonna sleep right after this....
I couldn't open my eyes...


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