Thursday, March 3, 2011

For The Last Time

says I think, I should kill you from the beginning! Yet, you should not exist in my life! I thought of forgiving you but don't you dream I would do so! You know who I am talking to. I hope you read it. IT'S YOU LIAR! Look at yourself and you should realise who you are! I should remove you! GTH la!
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For the last time I will "dirt" my blog posting about you man!

Actually, I don't wanna remember about you. 
As if, the existence of you in my life.
You left me without reasonable excuses.
What?? You wanna focus for tournament, training, game and bla3x!!
No commitment for me since you are bound by all those things even actually we have discussed about it earlier.
Yeah, I'm trying to understand. 
Put myself in your shoes. 
I'm trying to understand, I'm trying to accept the fact that you are not mine anymore and for sure I'll not dream that you will come back to me. Noo!!
You are not meant to me and we are not meant to be together.
I deserve someone better than you for sure.
After this, don't you ever hope that I'll make any statement stated that,
"You are the best guy, seems nice to me and whatsoever la".
You know what, I feel like to kill you right now!!
The good person that I've ever met are the bad person actually.
Is it any words that are more than "bad" which I can referred to him??
You should realise who you are. Look at yourself laaa!!
You should grateful, you should thank to God that I accept you as who you are.
But what you give me?? I feel like something really kick me instead.
You know what, I'm the one who should or must I think find someone who is much2 better than you.
You left me on the reason which I could't accept it.
Its unreasonable!! Focus??!! Damn you laa!!
What you did for the sake of me???
Do you know what sacrifice is actually??
All you do is the best for me??
GTH laaa!! If you are standing in front of me now, surely I'll slept you, break you hands instead. Fair and just!! No legs + no hands! Hurm??
Then you will know who I am actually!!
Don't you dare, and don't playful with me!

28 Jan to 28 Feb... One month already..
I'm trying to forget you. I should remove you from my FB!
I just teared our picture in my diary and throw it into my friend's dustbin. 
BTW, the thing that I'm gonna give to you, surely I'll cancel my intention to do so.
Friend, let us do eat it together.. He don't deserve it!
I don't know.. Quite long time I didn't open his FB..
Then I read his status, "Jika diberikan satu peluang..."
What chance he is talking about???
Then he also has another FB, which he didn't approve me even at the time when we were together, long time ago on the reason, that FB is no longer functioning. Means that he didn't use it. Okay!
Then, I don't know what makes me feel like wanna open that FB.
Maybe Allah wanna show me the truth.

Wow!! "IN A RELATIONSHIP" okay!!
Messy Melancholy?? Memang messy!!
Okay.. Now I see... What are the valid reason that you should telling me from the earlier..
I don't even expected that I'll see this such thing.
Sorry, no envy, no jealousy!
It just that I feel like I got the right answer.
You know what, you left me because you claimed that, you couldn't focus to me anymore, you couldn't give happiness to me, got tournaments and those stupid things la..
But now, what I've seen is the right answer to be given!
It just one month guys and I bet actually of course they already know each other since we were in a relationship. 
I don't know when they declared and whatsoever.
I just realise after one month.
So can I conclude that because of the existence of "unauthorised person"?? A trespasser which didn't have license or even didn't invited??
It really annoyed!! 
I thought of forgiving you.. I just thinking that you wanna concentrate and cannot give commitment to me.
If you think that you wanna focus for training etc, then better don't have any commitment right?? That's why I'm trying to accept that as the reason but what I've seen recently makes me changed all my perception towards him.
Surely not because of that he cannot focus la, apa lah since he found somebody to replace me.
And it could be also, he told the girl that I'm the one who left him because of his condition. It could be...
Then now, I'm the kind hearted person may change to the evil one as you wanted! Right??? 

Again, I wanna stress that I don't like to bear a grudge against anybody but you asked me to do so.
So don't you ever dream that I wanna forgive you! 

Actually I'm the forgiven person but not for you!!
The one who I loved so much turned to be the one who I hated so much now!
Masa bercinta, semua indahkan... 

Then, again...
This is the last post I hope I'm gonna talk about you. 
I don't feel that I'll "semakkan" my blog for telling about you after this.
Yeah, all this while I don't even mention who you are but now, it's the right time for me to do so..
It's you! 
You know now, who I am.

I've done what I should done.
I've nothing to do with your family now since I've told everything.
I don't want your family to blame me because you are the one who started this. Not me!!
So there's nothing else I should do.
Just move on for my precious life..
Many people surrounded me..
The one who loves me truly from their heart.
Not the one just like you.

Same goes to you, my ex-Mr.Grape,
I ignored your friend request. SORRY!
I've deleted your phone number.
I've deleted your YM.
The ring?? Hurmm.. 'Thinking'
Nothing about you now..
I don't need the one who ignored me, who don't appreciate me.
Then plus, you have F**a right. So I hope your relationship with her will lasting forever.
I don't mad at you because I know who you are.
Btw, thanks for let me knowing you and thanks for everything.
Almost 8 years.. I just pray for your happiness.
Thanks for 'coming' in my life.
I just need people who are there with me with I'm happy and even when I'm in trouble.


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