Friday, March 4, 2011

Revelation Part II


As I said, I don't wanna mention about HIM anymore but the games have not end yet..
He asked for it!!
One come after another. I thought its already over but not actually..
Thanks for those who read my previous entry. Cruel right??
About 370 viewers of that entry.
Then he knows who I am!! 
I don't intent to defame him but I don't know...
I feel like annoy greatly!!! The maximum pressure!!

I said yesterday, she was the 'trespasser' right??
Now I feel like I'm the one who 'trespassed'.. Huh...

I don't know what are the true versions in this story..
I feel like crazy right now. Become insane!!
Seriously, seems like nice guy.. 
In fact, huh!! SETAN!!!
I don't know what should I do now.
Actually, I don't want to make this thing worse but I want to know the truth.
The truth behind this games!

How come suddenly she removed her relationship status with that shit guy??
Then changed her FB name to the new name.
Why should it be like that after I knew about it?
Surely, somebody told her that I knew about these things.
It's okay... I know what should I do.
The games have just started. Not over yet!!

Guys, I don't wanna make this things more complicated..
Please understand me.
If you were in my shoes, how would you feel??
What are you going to do then?
Just forget it?? Yeah.. That is what I'm thinking to but I couldn't..
I wanna know the truth behind this.

I should hear from him. The truth!!
I feel like dumb now!!
Huh... I wanna live happily ever after.
I wanna be like others!!

Since the day we broke up, it just ended like that..
No more communication between us..
It's like I don't mind what he did to me..
I do care about it actually but I just let it go...
But now, nope!! I have too!

My dear friend --> "you know who you are"
Thanks for telling me about this..
I hope you can help me on this.
I just want to know what happened actually.
You know what you should do right..
Anything, just text me...
I'm really not in the mood..

Three more weeks to final...
Please... Got many works to do...
Give me some spaces to breath..
The clean air... 


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