Friday, March 18, 2011



When I was writing this, I was at home.. I was skipping my MLS class right now... 
Should be, the end of semester, I should go to class because that is the precious time to catch up what lecturer teach us but I'm not..
I don't know.. Yesterday, suddenly I was thinking of going home.
So I went back home then...
My heart ticking like a clock ticking at all times..
Safely arrived home at 9.30 pm...
I went to eat first before going home..
As usual.. Roti tisu and kopi ice kaw.. 

Here, I want to ask thousand forgiveness to those who hurt because of me.
I know, I was always troubling people with my problems..
Yeah.. Not everyone likes all the things we do...
Sometimes, things that seem good in our eyes but not in others.
We should accept that...
I didn't run from my problems but I'm not willing to face my friends..
Seem like I hurt them..
I know they love me.. If they didn't care about me, they will not do such things...
For sure they just keep on silent without telling me anything.. Of what people said about me..
Sorry guys... Maybe I'm too selfish even I think I'm good enough for others.
We couldn't see our weaknesses if people do not tell us.
Thanks for being concerned about me..
With a willing heart, I accept all your advice..
And again, I'm sorry for every single thing..
We should put an end here... 


2 Feedbacks:

Ku Anas Ku Omar said...

teruk btol...ish3

Anonymous said...

dah la tk balas last message..

buat orng risau je!!!!!!!

makan tk ingt orang ke!!!!??

harharhar..sedap bebeno ke roti mamak tu??



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