Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh! Saya Nak..


Very boring lol today... Just sitting at home...
Once I wake up, I take a bath..
Then having breakfast. My breakfast today was heavy meal. Huhu..
Nasi and udang masak tempoyak. Huhu...
Then right after that, stomach ache. Sigh!
Kailan ikan masin.... *Mengidam*

I thought I want to watch movie, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa..
People said the story was good..
But then.. Alone??? Argh!! Tak best laaa...
Then somebody wanna accompany me but since it was already late, I was lazy and dizzy. Hahaha...
Next week?? Hurm?? Since exam is just around the corner.. Study okay!!

  • says ke manakah anda??! cakap nak keluar minum dengan aku. call masuk voice mail lak. haish!! *mood roti tisu lagi ni*
    3 hours ago ·  ·  · 

    Ish.. I thought of having roti tisu again... Sob2!!
    Kopi ice kaw too..
    You wish!!! Aku merajuk dengan kau! :D
    Nak ajak aku minum.. Huhu...
    Who should be blamed ea?? Am I?? Haha...
    How many times should this words come out??
    "Next time ea.." Hahaaa.... 
    Who said that?? Aku laa.. :D
    I've done with my job but suddenly you got something to do la.. 
    I'll claim later okay!! Wait!!

    So.... Just eat at home laa...
    Very delicious and precious dishes... Huhu!!
    But need some time la to peel the prawn.. 
    So after this, please okay. Help my mom!! :D
    Don't be lazy okeyh!!
    So better don't ask my mom why the prawn is this and that.. Huhu..
    I can predict the answer. :D

    • says tgh mkn nasi. sdg berusaha mengopek udang. mak saya tak kopek udang sbb busy. mak saya penat dah! baik jgn tanya knp udang tak kopek. nnt aku gak yg kena. haha! anak dia a.k.a bdk ni, asyik on9 je dari pagi tadi. bkn nak tlg masak. heee... so serve you right bebeh! :D
      3 hours ago ·  ·  · 

      In progressing... Huhu....
      I'm persuading my sisters to buy lens for me.. Haha...
      Asking each and everyone of them..
      RM10x4=RM40.. Okay!! Ngam2 ho!! Huhu..
      Long time I didn't wear my lens due to expire. 
      So now, its time to buy the new one!
      I was thinking of buying the pink colour one.

      Hurm... An "agreement" was "signed" today.. huhu..
      Yeah... I'll remember and same goes to you too. Okay??
      DEAL yaa??? Shhhhhh.... Good actor and actress.. Loike!!
      Yeah.. It should be!! I like it and I love it! Muaxx!! Hahaha....

      Mood: Kinda happy... Ngeeeeee


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Ku Anas Ku Omar said...

pemalas...pdn muka kena blk ngan mak...hahahahha

Scha Myra said...

:p biar laa.... lalallaaa


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